How it Works

Fast & Easy

brand consultation

Brand Consultation

Complete our questionnaire and we receive a personal consultation so that we can get to know your business and to determine if we fit well within your business model and goals.

get familiar

Get Familiar

Get customized training on our models, options, and measurements. We tailor the training to you and your clientele.

customize your style

Customize Your Style

Have a say in your clients’ garments and develop your own brand. At Platinum, we offer hundreds of unique options, fabrics, and linings. Diversify your brand’s line as we create both men’s and women’s fused, half canvas, full canvas, and deconstructed garments at different grades of tailoring. We also offer topcoats, raincoats, jeans, and dresses!

submit your order

Submit Your Order

Submit your custom or stock orders. Each order is personally reviewed to erase any computational or measuring errors.



Confidently deliver each and every garment. All garments undergo rigorous quality control to ensure all specifications and embellishments are to your standards.



We believe fit and accuracy are the most important aspects of a good suit and want your clients to feel best in their clothes. If a garment requires slight adjustments, we offer a complimentary onsite tailoring service.