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Packing the Perfect Suitcase

  • August 31, 2016
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Most people dread packing a suitcase, yet, the worst part is arriving to your destination and finding a once perfectly pressed suit is now a wrinkled mess. Never again will you have to iron with these suit packing hacks!

For a medium- large sized suitcase

  1. On the bottom of the suitcase lay down the jacket so that half remains outside of the suitcase.
  2. On the bottom of the suitcase lay down the trousers so that half of the trousers hang outside of the suitcase.
  3. Layer other clothing items on top, to prevent folds and creases.
  4. Once all other items are packed, take the “outside” pieces of the suit and trousers, fold the trousers around the suit.

For a small sized suitcase

  1. Invert one shoulder and tuck the other shoulder inside the inverted one making sure the top seam and lapels are aligned.
  2. Fold the suit in half.
  3. Fold the trouser around the suit and its ready to pack.

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